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Is it Friday yet?

So, today did not start well. Baby J is teething again and is pretty cranky due to him not napping long. This is the one downfall to being a stay at home mom – no breaks. I love, don’t get me wrong, and I am very fortunate that I have this opportunity but I am feeling depleted on “me time”.
Exercise helps tremendously, though! And when I don’t do some kind of heart pumping activity I can really feel my mood plummet. Tonight I made a promise to myself and went to the gym. I had a great time running/speed walking for 50 minutes and I feel 10 times better! Although I am starving now but at 11:14 PM I think it’s a tad to late to eat anything before bed.

I started my day off with a very tasty Green Monster! It was the exact same as yesterday’s but I added plain Amazing Meal instead – much better!

Lunch I had a toasted pine nut couscous salad. Filling and so tasty! Romain, tomato, couscous, toasted pin nuts, basil and feta. It was awesome!

And to start the season of NFL Football (YESSSSS!) I made a simple dinner of turkey tacos. Yum yum!

Sorry no pictures – every time I went to grab my camera I got distracted from Jordan and tried to eat as fast as I could.

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