6 more days

6? Really? … why didn’t I think this would come? Here it is and while I would not say I am freaking out… well I guess I am a little. In a very good, normal way, however. BUT I am becoming a hermit. Not answering my phone, not going anywhere, just enjoying that last days of solitude. But I do know that my body is paying a toll on me mentally. I am sick of carrying around the extra weight, of looking in the mirror and seeing my belly get bigger and bigger. I miss my gym, I miss the way I used to eat and I really miss my old self. Although, my old self will never be me again. I have changed rolls: I am a mother. I must provide, care, protect and put myself second now. Although I still must protect who makes Tasha, me. My creative side, my corkiness and quirks and all of the elements in between. I still must take care of myself because without me the circle would not go around.

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