Let’s talk about Friday, shall we?

Yes, the picture is true: Marc and I are married. I am now a Kaye!
And if you are reading my blog, wondering why the hell you were not informed: NO ONE knew. And we did this on purpose.
This decision was for me, Marc and Jordan – no one else. Of course we had to have witness’s, so we invited Marc’s grandparents and my parents.
We were planning on getting married this past late summer but when we decided to try for a baby, and succeeded, I wanted to put the brakes on the wedding idea as it would have been too much for us this year. I for one did not want to look and feel pregnant in my wedding pictures. And the thought of going to wedding planners, sampling food, cake, getting my hair done… it all seemed to overwhelming.
Marc and I have been going back and forth around the idea of marriage for the past nine months. I was very opposed of the idea of going to the Justice of the Peace and settling on a “shotgun” wedding. But the closer we were to see the 40 week point, the better the idea was actually sounding. Legally it’s easier for all of us and right now I am all about making life easier!

So let us fast forward to next year:
We will be re newing our vows and having an official reception. This will be our time to celebrate with family, friends and ourselves, and planning on our much needed honeymoon. Because believe me… we were both asleep by 8 PM Friday night!
Right now Marc is still getting used to wearing his ring on his finger. He has never worn jewelry, except for the occasional watch, and it is driving him nuts! Me, I have always worn rings so this is nothing new. But when the diamonds catch light and sparkle and shine, I always catch myself looking down at it.

October will always be a busy month for us: our anniversary, my birthday and Jordan’s birthday… all within a few weeks of one another.

6 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Friday, shall we?”

  1. Congrats on the wedding! I’m beginning to think that us former craft warehouse gals have a thing for October weddings, Luke and I are aiming for October 10th next year, and Jennifer and Zeb are getting married on the 31st of next year!

  2. My wholehearted congratulations to the both of you, Tasha! Personally, I think a small wedding beats a huge one anyday- you will get the chance to whoop it up big on your vow renewal!-Suz

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is so great! Can’t wait until your re-newing ceremony next year! Just let me know if you need any help planning, I LOVE that kind of stuff! I have actually thought of opening a wedding planning/photography business!

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